Where Did Brock Purdy Go To College?

Brock Purdy’s Journey from Iowa State to the NFL: A Stellar College Career


In the world of college football, few players leave as indelible a mark as Brock Purdy did during his time at Iowa State University. With remarkable records, accolades, and an eventual entry into the NFL, Purdy’s college career is a testament to his talent, hard work, and determination. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating journey of Brock Purdy, from his humble beginnings at Iowa State to his professional aspirations in the NFL.

Iowa State University: The Launching Pad

Brock Purdy’s college football journey began in June 2018 when he enrolled at Iowa State University. As a freshman, he quickly made an impact on the team and became the starting quarterback for the Cyclones. His rise to prominence was nothing short of extraordinary, as he displayed incredible poise, leadership, and athletic ability on the field.

Over the course of four seasons from 2018 to 2021, Purdy etched his name into the history books of Iowa State football. His impressive stats and memorable performances turned him into a fan favorite and earned him respect from opponents and teammates alike. During his time with the Cyclones, Purdy became a symbol of hope and inspiration for aspiring football players.

Record-Breaking Performances

Throughout his college career, Brock Purdy set multiple records that showcased his prowess as a quarterback. He demonstrated remarkable consistency and a strong arm, amassing a staggering total of 11,147 passing yards during his time at Iowa State. Furthermore, his ability to find the end zone was second to none, as he threw 71 touchdowns, setting yet another significant record.

While Purdy’s strong suit was his passing game, he also showcased remarkable agility and vision on the field. He was a threat with his legs as well, often gaining crucial yards with well-timed scrambles and designed runs, making him an all-around formidable offensive weapon.

Awards and Honors

Brock Purdy’s on-field excellence did not go unnoticed, as he earned numerous awards and honors during his college career. He was named to various All-Big 12 teams multiple times, solidifying his position as one of the top quarterbacks in the conference.

Beyond conference honors, Purdy’s performance was recognized on a national level. His name was frequently mentioned in the discussions for prestigious awards, such as the Heisman Trophy, signifying the impact he had on college football during his tenure at Iowa State.

The NFL Dream Realized

As his college career came to an end, the next chapter of Brock Purdy’s journey awaited him – the NFL. In the 2022 NFL Draft, he patiently waited until the final pick, where he was selected by the San Francisco 49ers. This moment was not just an accomplishment for Purdy but also a symbol of hope for aspiring athletes who dream of making it to the professional level.

Purdy’s selection by the 49ers marked the beginning of his professional football journey. It was a testament to his dedication, hard work, and unwavering belief in his abilities. As he set foot on the NFL stage, he carried with him the lessons and experiences from his remarkable college career, prepared to face the challenges and opportunities that awaited him.


Brock Purdy’s college football journey at Iowa State University was nothing short of extraordinary. With a record-breaking career, numerous awards, and a successful entry into the NFL, Purdy’s story is an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide. His time at Iowa State has left an enduring legacy, not only for the Cyclones but also for the broader football community. As we watch him embark on his professional career in the NFL, we can’t help but look back fondly on the moments he created during his college days and eagerly anticipate the impact he will have in the professional league.


Where Did Brock Purdy Go To College?

Brock Purdy played college football at Iowa State University before becoming a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL.

What High School Did Brock Purdy Attend?

Brock Purdy attended Perry High School.

What Was Brock Purdy’s Record in College?

Brock Purdy’s record in college included 11,147 passing yards, 71 touchdowns, and 25 interceptions.

What Awards Did Brock Purdy Win During His College Football Career?

Brock Purdy won several awards during his college football career, including multiple All-Big 12 team selections and consideration for prestigious honors like the Heisman Trophy.