Where Did Cooper Kupp Go To College?

From Eagles to Rams: The College Journey of Cooper Kupp at Eastern Washington University

In the world of sports, the journey from college to the professional leagues is often a tale of dedication, perseverance, and exceptional talent. Cooper Kupp, a name that resonates with football fans across the nation, embarked on such a journey, leaving an indelible mark on the field. He is a famous footballer. But before he made his mark in the NFL as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, Kupp’s story began at Eastern Washington University.

Eastern Washington University: A Crucible of Football Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Cheney, Washington, Eastern Washington University emerged as the backdrop for Cooper Kupp’s collegiate football odyssey. As a wide receiver for the Eastern Washington Eagles, Kupp donned the red and white jersey, ready to showcase his prowess on the gridiron. From 2013 to 2016, his presence electrified the field, setting the stage for an extraordinary college career.

A Path Paved with Records and Accolades

Cooper Kupp’s journey at Eastern Washington was marked by remarkable achievements that spoke volumes about his talent and dedication. As the yard lines stretched before him, Kupp shattered records and earned accolades that transformed his college career into a legacy. In 2015, he secured the coveted Walter Payton Award, a testament to his position as the top offensive player in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

The Stats Speak: A Journey in Numbers

The numerical testament to Cooper Kupp’s college dominance is staggering. His career stats during his time at Eastern Washington paint a vivid picture of a player who left an indelible mark on the field:

2013: 15 games, 93 receptions, 1,691 yards, 21 touchdowns.

2014: 13 games, 104 receptions, 1,431 yards, 16 touchdowns.

2015: 11 games, 114 receptions, 1,642 yards, 19 touchdowns.

2016: 13 games, 117 receptions, 1,700 yards, 17 touchdowns.

Career: 52 games, 428 receptions, 6,464 yards, 73 touchdowns.

The Bridge to NFL Greatness

Cooper Kupp’s time at Eastern Washington University was a stepping stone to a future that would shine even brighter. As he navigated the challenges and triumphs of collegiate football, he forged a path that would lead him to the pinnacle of the sport—the National Football League. Today, he stands as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes who dare to dream big.

A Legacy of Triumph and Perseverance

As we reflect on Cooper Kupp’s college journey at Eastern Washington University, we’re reminded that every great story has its origins. From the Eastern Washington Eagles to the Los Angeles Rams, his journey speaks of a commitment to excellence, an unwavering work ethic, and the power of turning dreams into reality.

In the end, Cooper Kupp’s rise from Eastern Washington to the NFL exemplifies the beauty of sports—a journey where passion meets perseverance, and where every yard gained symbolizes the dedication of countless hours. His story resonates not just with fans of the game, but with all those who recognize the transformative power of hard work and determination.


Where Did Cooper Kupp Go To College?

Cooper Kupp attended Eastern Washington University for college.

What Other Sports Did Cooper Kupp Play in High School?

In high school, Cooper Kupp also excelled in track and field and was a standout basketball player.

What Records Did Cooper Kupp Set During His College Football Career?

Cooper Kupp set multiple NCAA Division I receiving records during his college football career.

How Did Cooper Kupp Perform in The NFL After His College Career?

In the NFL, Cooper Kupp continued to impress, becoming a key receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, known for his reliable hands and strong performances.